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I've tried growing potatoes for the first time this year in planters. I've still had no sign of flowers and the foliage (which looked great for ages) now looks weak and lots of leaves have come off. I've been plagued with snails and slugs which I regularly clear. They've been regularly watered and are in a sunny position that has shade from late afternoon.They were planted in a vegetable compost recommended by the garden centre. I followed all the planting instrucions with the planters and if I get no crop this year I'd really like to not give up and have a go next year. Can anyone help with some encouragement and advice?


Julie, not all potatoes flower. If the foliage is yellowing and dropping maybe they are ready. Depends on what type you've grown, first earlies etc. I'd have a dig in, or empty one container out and see what's there.


Julie, not all varieties flower so you may well have potatoes in your planters regardless of whether you've seen flowers or not.  To maximise your crop, wait until the foliage yellows or dies off - at that point the tubers aren't going to get any larger and you may as well lift them.  When did you plant them?

Well I had no idea, I thought all potatoes flowered and have been looking every day for a sign of them! Thank you Kef and Bob. I planted them at the end of April, they're second earlies - Kestrel. I will go out today and have a look, fingers crossed!


They've had 12 weeks, so you should have a crop - good luck!


Julie this year we had Winston as early and they were a good yield of spuds that fall to pieces and tasted horrible, Kestrel were our seconds and are being dug up from 2 weeks ago and are a good yield and great tasters, Cara as main and already coming up huge and great tasting, some had really good flowers some hardly any, I believe the flower timing for digging up is not really foolproof but a little teasing away at the end of the row shows ready or not and ours are all ready no need to dig it right up just have a looksee, best on our allotments so far are Atlantic ???? (Jersey Royals) and Charlotte are being bragged about by a good few of them,
good luck Alan4711

Yes! you're right!  I've just dug up my first-ever potatoes and they look perfect just like the picture! I can't believe it! I really thought I'd messed them up and was wondering how to do better next year. I didn't know that the foliage collapsing was a sign they were ready. It's given me a lot more confidence, thanks for the help. Now I think it's time for a tasting!


Enjoy them Julie. If storing them keep in dark and cool, but scoff rather than save

Maybe next year grown some apple mint / mint/ in a pot as it's invasive, to add to your spuds when you cook them

Hi, I hope someone can help here.  I've grown red duke of york for the first time this year and when I pulled them up some had small circular brown spots on them.  The depots are easily scrubbed off and dont appear to have damaged the inside of the potato.  Any ideas what it is and are the pots still ok yo eat?


Is the skin rough? Could be potato scab, doesn't affect the eating just the storing

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