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Dopey question No 64

My potatoes have chitted

?Are the shoots the roots or stems so do I plant with the shoots down or up

A very red faced New Boy 2



They're the stems - point them upwards - the only stupid question is the one you don't ask 


Thank you

You were the first help I got when I joined so thanks Dove

My buddy Dave has just got his first plot and is like a teenager on his first date !!


NewBoy   You'll have to show Dave the way 


On the subject of spuds, should main crop go in the ground yet or is it still a bit early? Thanks!



Usually mid April onwards for maincrop potatoes 


I put my maincrops in last weekend. Took advantage of the fact it wasn't raining.

Tootles - you are not far from me and will therefore experience similar weather conditions, but as a general rule I plant earlies the weekend nearest St. Patrick's Day, 2nd earlies a fortnight later and main crop two weeks after that Nearest( so Dove's mid April concurs with my plans) unless weather and ground conditions dictate otherwise. No guessing what I've been doing this weekend.
Busy Bee2

Depends on the variety of maincrop too.  I bought King Edwards and Maris Pipers from the same company, and the Maris Pipers said to plant early March, and the King Eds mid April.  Don't know why, but I just did as I was told!

Busy Bee2 wrote (see)

....  Don't know why, but I just did as I was told!

I'm glad someone does - there's not enough of it about these days! 

Orchid Lady

Not dopey at all Newboy, I've just searched for exactly the same thing and found your questions so now have my answer 

But what if there are shoots all over the potatoes, do I put the biggest upwards?

No expert

There will be a shoot from every viable eye on the tuber. They will all grow up to the light, roots to follow.

Orchid Lady

So do I plant the biggest ones upwards? Not sure what to do? 

No expert

If you didn't chitt the spuds then they could be "upside down" and still grow. Point most of the shoots up and it will be ok. Don't worry just get them in the ground.

Don't think it really matters Orchid Lady but I usually plant them with the most shoots on top.


Orchid Lady

Thanks Zoomer, I need to get them planted before my stupid hound tries to eat any more!!!

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