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after all the snow had cleared i went out to my chicken runs to find rat runs from hole behind the greenhouse under the chicken coops into there run and back out otherside to under the raised beds and the rats have started to dig holes in the flower beds,i have put big cheese blocks down each hole and the red crystals in the flower beds and covered them so other animals (including my pets) cant get poisoned...has anyone any ideas what to do as i cant take much more of them digging holes and they have already took and killed 3 of my baby chicks (dragged them under the coop)


put a rat trap cage at the  entrance of the run and then drown each rat caught. in the cage put some grains or a few bits of mars bars. hope this helps


A question-is drowning a rat a humane and a legal method of disposal?


are you going to release the rat back into the garden .


i cant transport any rats that are caught to be released so dont know what to do tbh as if i let them out near by they will make it straight back to where there scent is surely


The only product we find that kills them quickly is Neosorexa.
They are becoming immune to lots of others. Pour a few scoops down the holes, cover with piece of slate, and renew as soon as it's gone.
In our opinion, as ex farmers, these have to be got rid of, no time for guilt or humanity.
For every one that you see, there will be dozens more underground, they breed very quickly and in a few months there will be hundreds. These are not fluffy little creatures, they are vermin that spread disease.

thanks lyn.... my feelings exactly especially witnessing my chicks being dragged under the coop screaching but before i could get to them the rats had killed and took the head off them ..i am surrounded by farmland so thats where all the vermin come from when get evicted from over there make there way this way by looks of things,where will i get the neosorexa from


Put the poison in a length of drainpipe above ground.  It will be protected from the weather and inaccessible to other animals, easy to get at and tempting for a rat.

Much as we hate rats, it is not legal to throw a rat in a trap in water to drown.

And once you have caught it kill it.

We buy it from the farmers shops. Amazon have it but it is expensive.

if i asked the farmers would they be able to get it for me do you think

Lyn I just passed on your thoughts to a friend who's found 2 rats on her property and thinks she might just ignore them as they'll "go away". Hopefully it might make her sit up and take notice 

Bunny ...
We too put ours in length of pipe covered with broken tiles at end , OH kept checking eventually the poison went and we saw no more ratty. I'm sure there will be some around as next door has chickens now right by our fence, she was the culprit for feeding birds bread on grass previously .

tinaallan, if you know farmers you will know where they get there supplies from.  You can shop there even if you are not a farmer.  I'm sure they will sell poison where you buy chicken food.  You can buy poison in 'throw' packs which are easy to push along a drainpipe with a stick.

quercus_rubur, do tell your friend that the rats will 'go away' and breed.  Two rats mean lots of little baby rats.


Hi Tina ,we use a farm supplier shop for garden stuff all the time, they will be very glad of  your business and  will give you the best advise available

good luck Alan4711

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