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Evening all. We moved into our house last Novermber and the cherry laurel shrub was taller than the telephone wires and like a jungle. It did also appear to have died at the top. 2 metres of the stalks were blackened (looked like they had been burnt).

We cut it all down to about 2' x 4' wide, and this spring it started to grow back with lovely new shiny new shoots.

Now I have noticed some most of the top leaves either have holes or have been totally striped back to the branch. I also found these weird octopus like suckers on some of the new branches. (forgot to mention I found some of these last Nov). I've popped some photos on. I know some are of leaf miners and I have found one large caterpillar munching away, but I am wondering if the shrub actually has a disease/fungus? Any help would be great.






 Thanks for looking.


Hello Magical, Your laurel is being eaten by something. Not sure what, but the octopus thing looks like some kind of insect eggs.

Wait and see what emerges from the eggs or if anything is wandering around on the leaves (maybe at night).

Sorry, can't help any more.

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