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Every night I take out the dog I spy sooooo many baby slugs on my raised bed! So can I introduce natural besties to eat them? Nema something's??


or do I just lace it in slug pellets???


Nemaslug.  Do it quickly before the soil temp drops below 5 degrees C.


Try a small dish or yoghurt pot of beer. They drown in it. I caught 30 in 1 night in one.

Red dahlia.  Best for now is to,pick them off. 

Nemaslug for the spring....possibly little late to use it now. ,

Paradoxically, slug pellets ATTRACT slugs n snails so lacing your ground with them  is prob counter productive.  Just a few strategically placed pellets is better value amd just as efficiemt.  If the raised bed is for food I would not use any poisons there.


Hedgehogs - that's why we need to encourage hedgehogs - they just hoover the small slugs up.  But I know if you've not got hedgehogs around that's a long term project - of course frogs and toads also eat those little slugs that come out at night and glisten in the torchlight - and robins and blackbirds poke around my veg patch at dawn - I presume that's what they're having for breakfast too.  

However, if you've got more than will feed your wildlife population at the moment, then yes Nemaslug in the spring - just as the soil warms up and they're getting active again - you'll get far more of them if you do it then.


Mystery solved!  Heard this sucking noise last night.  Went outside and there he was.....Dove's hedgehog with his Little Henry vacuum "hoovering the small slugs up". 


Lol Verdun - is Dove's hog wearing a pinny? 

No chance of hedgehogs as my garden is built up and the raised bed is 20" tall so unless anyone knows of hedgehogs on stilts that won't help. I may put traps on and then these nema things in spring.


do share, what are they how do they work, are they expensive. Are there any cons?

Put a ramp up the side of the raised bed, hedgehogs will use them readily.


Is this who you saw Verdun?

 Sorry Red Dahlia 

By the way, yes they will use ramps - ours use them to get up onto the Shady Bank which is two sleepers on their edges tall. 

Sad but they can't get in or out so no chance and the garden isn't big enough to introduce one. The dog would love a spikey friend!!


Can you not make a way that they can get in and out?  We've cut a small hole in the bottom of the fence in a corner behind a rose bush - hedgehogs found it almost immediately and come in and out of our garden every evening, meeting up with one that lives here. 

But maybe not - dog may love spikey friend but Spike may not love over friendly dog - ex MIL's rather horrid dog used to ........... do unspeakeable things to hedgehogs 

Maybe nematodes are a better bet 

Yep, exactly what I saw dove,,after the hoovering was done.

Just a thought red dahlia.  What about an edge of copper pipe?  Tucked inside the boards?    Copper does work......put a copper circle around a valuable old fashioned violet for a friend and it grew without attack all summer.  Copper tape around pots is effective too. Anyone know how much copper pipe is now?  How big is your raised bed red dahlia?  


On fleabay you can buy electric tape on the cheap (its copper tape connected to a battery - slugs and snails hate it).  Only any good if you've emptied your bed of the slimey thieves first mind you.


If you put this number in the ebay search you'll see what i mean:


I'm not the vendor btw or related to them an any way, it's something I have on my watch list and keep meaning to buy.


9ft square and 30" tall. Please I know that's way too tall but I wanted on on some concrete at the back of my house and my partner said he would do it for my birthday, low and behold....


i said why so tall, he said because I will need depth for root veg. No idea how big the carrots were when he grew up!!

Get that copper,pipe at scrap yard or builders' merchants.  If you do use copper,make sure it's not covered by soil. 


Some of my carrots are over 2' long!