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Random plant growing in my succulent's pot?

I just checked on my potted succulent the other day and saw there was an entirely separate plant growing in the container along with it, photos attached.

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I'm completely baffled as to how this could happen, considering my succulent is potted, so nothing could have come in from the ground, but this weird new plant is starting to grow in the succulent's container, does anyone know what this could be? This succulent grows quite plump and fat, so those definitely aren't it's baby leaves, as these new ones are completely flat, and a little fuzzy. If it helps, I'm also growing a peppermint plant in a pot next to it too. All help appreciated, thank you!



Probably a random seed in the compost.  Happens to me all the time.


Seeds in the compost, in the air and on the breeze. They'll manage to spread somehow 


Ahh that makes sense! I was so freaked out by it, it's been windy and raining a lot here lately and my neighbours have a lot of plants too, so some cross-contamination happening would make sense x

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