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I have sown rocket seeds outside in a new area of my garden and use plenty of compost.  They started fine and came through nice and green but never got passed a few cm in size. recently they have stunted and gone yellow and 50% are now dead.


Any ideas ?   Was it the wrong compost ?


Was the compost home made or a bought 'growing medium'? What is under the compost? Did you grow anything in this area before?


How big a space is it and how many seeds were sown? Overcrowding can lead to seedlings dying.

They are a bit overcrowded.  The compost was a mixture of my own (which makes things gorw like made and garden centre cheap compost bags).


I have not grown anything in this area before.  Its been reclaim this winter from years of ivy dominated ground in a previously un-loved part of my garden.

It's pointing towards being a compost problem rather than where they are. I grow the wild rocket type and once you have it, you have it forever because it self seeds everywhere, but it's a tasty weed to have and any stray seedlings are easily pulled out.



Have you fed them some kind of strong plant food?

No but I suspect the compost is peat-ridden -  should I just scrap off the peat and try again ?


I'm afraid I know nothing about the effect of peat on rocket; I'm sure someone else will

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