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hi im new to gardening and have a really old looking rose shrub in my garden.its really tall.i dont know what type it is or when or how to prune it.can anyone offer any advice?thank you.


Hi Rebecca

Have you got a pic to show what sort of rose you've got there? (bushy, tall &leggy?) 


Have you a photo. Can give you better advice if I can see what it looks like. 


Most roses are pruned now and respond to cutting back hard-rose pruning sounds complicated but really isn't-it is a matter of removing dead material,cutting out crossing branches and then pruning to an outward pointing bud

This probably explains it better than I can


hi,thank you for answering.i havent got a photo although i can take one over the weekend,stems are thick and its almost as tall as me...5ftish.


its not bushy just tall,leggy,looks old un loved .


You can safely cut it back to 2 feet perhaps even less-but a picture always helps


You can still rescue it and make it happy. Fairly resilient plants.

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