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Planted my runner beans in large pots on May22nd and they are growing well. I need to know when to start to feed them and what is the best feed to use?


What is in the pot? is it soil based or multipurpose compost?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Most feeds are a variation on the same theme, so you can't go very wrong with weak tomato feed when you water, say every other time. Start now.

Last year my wife and I had Runner Bean in an 18 inch pot filled with ordinary compost from a garden centre (8 plants) and had a very good  crop inspite of the dreadful summer.

We put 6 foot canes in the pot - 1 for each plant and they wound their way up around the canes to the hight required and were then `stopped` by pinching out the growing point at around 6-7 foot.

Rather like Tomato plants, do not start feeding until the first flowers set and small beans appear. Feed them with Tomato (high potassium) fertiliser weekly and do not allow them to dry out in their pot. While in flower it will help if you spray the flowers daily (unless it is raining!) with water to increase the set from flower to beans.



So much useful advice in one short message! Many thanks, bingo lob!


My stupid IPad again! Should have said "bigolob"

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