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Hi, on my local freegle site there is an offer of a bag of fine sand - the sort for brushing in between block paving. I was wondering if I could use it the make up sandy compost or use on the lawn. Anyone know?

Alina W

No, it sounds like builders' sand, which can contain unwanted salts. For potting or lawns you need silver sand, which is clean.


Hi  I have had some compost for bedding my lawn in there was some left so have put it in a bed that needed filling up, I have put compost and underneath isclay soil will I have any problems.  We do have clay soil and I thought that so may help but now having second thoughts.  I did sow some seeds yesterday hope I have done the right thing after reading this post.

What do you think!




Thanks Alina W. I have resisted getting the free sand and will visit the gc instead!

Alina W

Chris, providing you have sown annuals with fairly shallow roots you should be OK.

In future, though, you should dig compost/organic matter into your soil to break it up, along with some grit to improve drainage. This will improve the soil steadily and stop it being waterlogged in winter and baked dry in summer.

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