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what have i done wrong? my 3 week old seeds have not yet germinated, easy ones too...icelandic poppies, aquillegia, sweet peas, calendula etc. I have one Morning Glory and one Calendula...has it been too hot? am I rushing/expecting earlier germination. I know lots of them could have been sown directly in the garden, but a new garden with a greenhouse I couldn't resist, actually thought they would fair better in the GH...any help would be appreciated...


Did you cover the seeds?-if the greenhouse was too hot you may have baked them-what sort of compost are you using?

Sometimes it is better to start them off indoors then move them to the greenhouse once germinated.

Alina W

Another thought - did you over-water them? Seeds need to be kept moist, not soaking wet.

With the Icelandic poppies, did you sow the seeds on the surface, with no covering? They need light to germinate, taking up to 30 days.


i sowed a few varieties of tomato seeds and  some leeks on 5/5 no sign of germination how long do they normally take

Hi, I've had trouble with sunflower seeds both in the cold frame and in the ground at the allotment. Only 4 out of two packets have germinated. I thought perhaps mice or birds have eaten them.


I too have had trouble with courgettes. I sowed them in pots and in open ground.

The pots have been in an open cold frame.

They usually take just a few days.

Perhaps it's just been too hot. I plan to sow again.

Did you soak the morning glory seeds? That's what I did then once sown the tray was put in a propagator on a windowsill. I don't do well with sweet peas either don't know why.

I sowed calendula seeds straight into the ground.  They started to grow, I kept them watered and then they disappeared.  Thought it might be slugs, but no sign of trails.  Have noticed some ants on the soil but that's all.  Not had much luck with cornflower seeds either.  The only success I've had was with poppies.


My first lot of butternut squash seeds were very slow to germinate - after 3 weeks only one had grown at all so I sowed another batch (from the same packet).  The second sowing germinated quickly in the warm weather we ha dat the beginning of last week and the first sowing also germinated then!

Sunflower seeds sown last Thursday were through the compost by Sunday and are a couple of inches tall today, one week later!  They're in an open cold frame.


Some seeds won't germinate if the temperature gets too high-viola and lettuce spring to mind so warmth is not always the answer


I always soak my morning glory seeds and I get  a minimum of 75% germination.

@fran53 could be slugs but birds also like young seedlings, I use fleece to protect seedlings from pigeons and starlings.I rarely sow in the ground as they always pull them out.

@angelique2 I am really surprised as sunflowers are usually the easiest seeds, where did you get the seeds from?

Can I recommend using a  plastic bag, this way the seeds do not get too wet or too dry.

I have sunflowers popping up all over the place.  The birds scatter them from their seed feeder.  They even appear in my hanging baskets, and have to be transplanted.

I planted some runner beans just 4 to finish of a row, I put them in the G.H. at the end

of April and they did not germinate until this week but now they are doing fine so it

might have been the heat.

Where are you Debbie?

If anywhere near Kent, cheltenham, Norwich, I have morning glory seedlings and aquilegia coming out of my ears.   Happy to pass on.

Is there a PM facility on here?



All my seeds were started late around April time barring my Leeks which were sown directly outside one day later than the recommended sowing time on the packet on 1st May.

I've been lazy with annuals this year but I have raised Corriander, Basil, Cobea, Sweetcorn, Beetroot, Leek, Candula and lettuce indoors as well as propagated basal stem cuttings and cuttings garden phlox, alpine phlox and penstemons none of which have had any special treatment besides my windowsill and a spray mister for watering. I covered the basil with a lid until they germinated, then took it off.

If there's one thing I've learnt about seeds, is don't get them too wet, less is more for tiny seedlings.


I've been trying to get purple sprouting broccoli seeds going in the greenhouse. They germinate fine and then about a week later they've just shrivelled up! I've kept them moist. Is it too hot in the green house (door left open all day), should I just sow the seed outside somewhere?



in my experience, seedlings and any propagated material generally needs shade, light moisture and good air circulation. Any amount of strong light will surely harm very delicate new growth from harsh rays if not dried out compost.


I sowed Verbena bonariensis and honesty into trays on 13th May. Still no sign of anything. Have got the plastic covers on the trays, and in a cold greenhouse, that gets quite warm on a good day. So what's wrong, I don't usually have a problem.

Auntiemand- aah that would be lovely but...I'm near Blackpool ha ha, kind thought tho'

thanks for all the replies guys, I suspect I've been to keen with the watering, however there does seem to be some signs of life, as if just one seed in the whole tray has germinated...still it is my first year with a GH...have to say I had better results when I just chucked seeds in pots and left them on the patio......this GH thing is a skill I must learn. Plum and beefsteak toms are doing really well in GH providing some comfort...lots more diggin/hoeing to do in front "soon to be cottage garden", heavy clay and compost not ready yet...urgh...may get some topsoil delivered so I can start planting...doing it all white I think...will dig in lots of good stuff when I put it to bed later in the year...happy gardening folks!


I sowed some celeriac seeds, two batches about 3 or 4 weeks apart and there is not a sign of life from them at all.  I only got one French bean to germinate from the 8 that I sowed.  It's the first time I have tried either of these so I don't know how good at germinating they are normally.  My courgettes have been really bad this year; I think I sowed about 8 in total and only 2 have grown.

I have kale and rudbeckias coming out of my ears though.