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Hi everyone, my very first post in this superior forum was to ask about this rhodi.  At the time I couldn't post photos but a toolbar has now appeared out of nowhere so, can anyone advise what is happening to this plant?

 I know it looks swamped by weeds but this is recent, ground has been clean


There are a number of possible causes for the leaves of rhododendrons turning yellow.  Is there any chance you could take a close-up of one of the leaves which are part-green and part yellow please Lily?  We should then be able to diagnose the problem more accurately as the photo is too small to see clearly.

Likely and common causes are lack of food, drought, overwatering or alkaline soil.

Great gents thank you, will take a photo in the morning. The skies are very dark here just now and there is the sound of chinking ice cubes coming from the OH's tray!

 Hi Bob, here is a close up of my poorly plant, it's very very wet here ( we had a big tree down last night) and the lower leaves look even lower than the were yesterday 

I really don't want to loose this plant.  opinions welcome!

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