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Good afternoon forum. This is my first post. I wonder if the experience of the forum could explain why I have a previously healthy specimen rhododendron dying. As fast as I look its leaves are turning yellow and dropping. I am worried next years buds are going to be next. It has had a post flowering liquid ericacheous feed. It is only 6 years old and this is the first year it has shown its beautiful yellow blooms. Thanks in advance
Are the leaves that fall the old ones or is it an all over thing?

Do they curl up before they fall?

Has it been very dry in your area recently?

All evergreens lose some of their leaves each year. I's quite normal.
Hi Buddyboy

Once it stops raining I will go and take a photo. The plant has been planted next to another bought at the same time at the edge of a wooded area. Both were chosen as H7( I think) to cope with our frost pocket area. The ground may be dry as we have had little rain recently but why is the one next to it ok? There are a couple of lower branches dying back but the plant has never been pruned. It just looks yellow and sick! Appreciate your help
Hi pansyface

Yes some of the leaves are curling! Most are older leaves, tho I don't consider the plant to be old at 6. We have cleared this wooded area of neglected and dead plants and are trying to replant the rhodos we took out. The others are all doing great.
Thank you. I will take a photo as soon as our monsoon stops!
I do appreciate your help everyone


Just been checking records. They were all planted in feb 2008. The records say it is caccasicum pictum, but that is the one beside it, as is often the way I think I changed the plans as I was planting ! This is the same size but a pale yellow larger headed one
I just can't find how to insert photos. According to the help desk this is not available....yet. Any ideas?
Can't help much with pictures as I'm a total idiot there.

Rhododendrons have quite shallow roots. I think it might be two different things. The older leaves in the middle of the plant will be dropping off round about now in their normal way of things. Any newer leaves that are going yellow or rolling inwards might be showing signs of drought. They like to have a few centimetres of mulch laid down in the summer to keep their shallow roots cool and damp.

Also, because they are shallow rooted, they don't take kindly to any sort of digging and mucking about around them.

Good luck with the photos.
Thanks everyone for advice. I have to close down for a few days but will try the photo advice at the end of the week. Happy gardening!

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