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Do these anti-slip boards work when there is frost on the ground ? That is when I have found the decking to be most deadly.

Anti slip decking paint on varnish finish performance is very poor. IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE AND IT IS NOT DURABLE TO OUTSIDE CONDITIONS.Believe me it will peel off.Total waste of prep time and money.Leave it alone.

Seems like loads of people are having problems with slippery decking - try Dectosafe. I had a relative that slipped on decking and hurt themselves and the decking ended up looking scruffy too. I hadn't considered the problems that could occur with timber decking. Dectosafe. have a website and the team are so helpful and friendly. While in my opinion their decking boards don't look traditional, it appears they are available in a wide range of colour mixes and what they refer to as solid colours. Seems they are soft under foot and very low maintenance. I would rather have these than break an any limbs slipping over on wood decking in wet weather. I like these boards as it was pointed out to me that there is no groove cut out for any water to sit in. I think that is right. Anyway worth a look.



Call me cynical but ....that looks very much like an advert for Dectosafe, Jacqui.....

which isn't allowed here on the forum.  

Hi Fairygirl, no not at all. I am afraid I am one of those people that tend to rave about things that I have come across that I really like and have worked for me, as I am more use to problems with purchases than good results. You should have seen the review I wrote for the blind/curtain company I recently ordered from. So if you want I can recommend an on line blind/curtain company based on their superb product and all round service which was brilliant!.   I just got too excited about decking, that's all.

By the way I adore your profile picture, its beautiful.....I haven't sorted my profile as yet and wish I had thought of a rather more splendid on line name too. I knew I had drank too much coffee today.


Ok coffee out of system and replaced with hot chocolate.....much more calming!

I personally prefer the look of wood decking but not the hazards or on going maintenance.

I don't like the ones filled with sand or sharp stone as they are like razor blades on your knees (someone I know had this and took it all up because it grazed her childrens knees). You could always ask for samples of the different types of reputedly non slip decking and yes totally agree with Roy Miller on that one.


I only had about 3 sq ft, but some left over non-slip bathroom tiles made a very decorative effect and just stock on with tile cement (do it in summer when they are dry)

Spray the decking with a product called 'Jarder spray and leave' it kills all the moss, mould and slippery green algae and prevents it from returning for months. It is an organic product so no nasty chemicals.

The four pack CONCENTRATE is the best value not the ready to use version:

It is harmful to aquatic life so please be careful if you have fish in your pond.

You get loads and it lasts for ages.

Botanic Bobby

Hi Settle,

Retrogrip will definitely solve your issue and I can't recommend Protective Supplies enough.  

I too have a scooter and stupidly got decking fitted 7 years ago with a ramp up to my back door and if I had know how slippy it got I would never have got it.  I even got some chap to put chicken wire down with staples a couple of years ago but that was useless.

I ordered online and received it next day and they even offered to fit it for me as I am disabled, even though they said they only normally sell the product but as we were only an hours drive away they would make an exception and the owner came out with his teenage son to fit if for me.  Now that's customer service for you.   

Interesting posts on decking.Personally I have used an aluminium flat strip, with an antislip inlay suitable for indoor/outdoor use from National Stair Nosings.Found it to be very effective.You can check it out on here:

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