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I have found a slug? Under some old wood in my garden .

Also several under some old pots allways on their own I have added a

Picture  (I hope)    thanks Rob5


No picture yet Rob, but slugs do lurk under things so the chances are you have slugs - very surprised if you don't have slugs because they are everywhere.

Encourage hedgehogs into your garden....until a few years ago all my tender shoots were being nibbled to nothing then m. Hedgehog moved in and hoovered up the lot...I put out a handful of peanuts for him/her at dusk NB to deter birds from taking for baby food (choking hazard) and in the morning the pile had been hoovered up....if you have aquiet corner you could provide a small house for it....if it becomes a resident, could breed and then you have your own army to pursue slugs to an early death on a regular basis....

What is it



Impressive list of slugs BobTheGardener.  Rob5, I came across one of these slugs in our garden this afternoon.  It seemed to have a very prominent eye!


Only the one slug in your garden? Lucky devil!

Steve 309

Definitely a slug.  I should know; I think I have the national collection.


get a pond and encourage the frogs to live there and your slug invasion will be at least  one slug less

Thanks everyone for your contribution I thought it was more sinister , and I do have quite a few 

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