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Hey there

This is probably one thats already been posted but does anyone have advise on Slugs? I don't want to use pellets and have got stuff to set beer traps.. Do eggshells work? Or whats the best you can advise - NO CHEMICALS and child friendly please...Thanks guys XXX

Try some sand around your borders/ beds , but it is a constant battle good luck.


Wool or felted matting. Slugs don't like crawling over the wooly barbs.

I have been told cucumber slices placed in a pie tin or something similair will keep slugs away all season. Apparently the chemicals in the cucumber and aluminium give off a smell they hate. Am going to try it myself.

I use egg shells but you need to have a good mulch of them around your plants. I wait until the shells have completly dried out and then crunch them all up into smallish bits. I also use coffee grounds but it goes a bit mouldy so it has to be mixed in a bit with the soil after a while.

It's an ongoing battle, good luck.



Never had luck with egg shells, don't use coffee grinds, and grit or sand alone never worked. I mix up a 50 : 50 with very fine grit and garlic granules. then to add extra oomph, I unravel a copper scourer and place in a circle around the plants. Works a treat for me. Not had a hosta or cabbage / lettuce chomped since.

I like the copper scourer idea. I've found the copper tape round pots to be very effective, but it is very expensive. I do use the wildlife friendly pellets sparingly but as another poster said, it's a constant battle. Some people go out at night with a torch and despatch them on sight.

i must admit if I find the odd one in the garden near the road, I throw them over the hedge for them to hitch their own lift. But otherwise, I tend to leave them to the duck community I have, that seeks out the thugs and enjoys every morsel.



Never expected so many responses - will have a go at all the ideas and see what works best - THANKYOU SOO much for your help - cheers guys XXX

I put compost around my plants which is mainly made of shavings from the rabbit hutch and the slugs don't seem to like it

I've just been out with a torch and gathered up about 20 in under 5 minutes. these have goen in the borwn compost bin that the council take away every fortnight as I can't bear to squish them. Wouldn't touch slug pellets. Egg shells have never worked for me, I find you need to wash them first or teh eggy bits attract slugs!! I have just put out a beer trap as well. This always works but I wonder if that too attracts more slugs.

My mum has "slug stomping shoes" for the garden, She's not squeamish about it!!

Gary Hobson
Katie Blue wrote (see)

I've just been out with a torch and gathered up about 20 in under 5 minutes. these have gone in the compost bin ...

Manually collecting slugs, after dark, is a very effective way of dealing with the problem. They are easy to spot, and you can simply pick any off.

This is the technique I use. I pop any onto the compost heap, which is where they belong. Slugs are made to help recycle dead plant material.

I don't actually go out at night. I'm an early riser, and go round the garden first thing in the morning, as soon as it's light. Any slugs will still be out, and can be collected very simply.

I love slugs and recently went searching for them with a group of children, we had great fun slug racing!, we also did some experimenting  as scientist suggested slugs don't like coffee grounds)and found that the slugs appeared quite happy on the coffee grounds ( but I do tend to think they might have been less happy than we could tell, not really sure but they could have crawled off to die later! However, the slugs DID ignore the tea leaves that we surrounded them with, they wouldn't go near them at all, so maybe surrounding your plants with tea leaves might be a good idea - you never know!

Happy to report all the children are now slug lovers too - education  - you can't beat it!



Yes! I think I'll start a be nice to slugs campaign,

Reminds me of a joke I heard recently:

Q. What did the slug say to the snail?

A. Big Issue?

Diatomaceous Earth is child and animal safe but effective against slugs and 100% natural.



Dont mess about with them.........sprinkle some sea-salt around your plants hope this advice helps.

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