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AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!! was so busy ensuring kept the @~@?@@@@ off sweet peas forgot all my young clematid - 8 of them- they've been eaten to within an inch of their lives, now surrounded with grit eggshells and beer desperately hoping the can recover come are pretty damaged

flowering rose

After years of trying to be friendly to snails and slugs and at the same time kind to birds ,the only nasty way to be is a quick death to the snails and slugs (in boiling water) and then feed to birds ,no toxins .Hate it  but no alternative.

beer working well for me just forgot they may eat anything other than sweet peas

the b!!!!rs have started on my hellebores now! what can i do? getting desperate

hollie hock

I've been using egg shells around my hostas, though haven't really seen any signs of slugs or snails. I tend not use any chemicals but have resorted in the past to a one off light application of the blue nasty chemical ones when things have got really bad just to give the plant a chance to recover. Not ideal but it worked


haven't used chemicals for years do remember someone mentioning organic/less harmful ones may have to research went out to check beer traps today 3 huge slugs in 3 cans just by hellebores and clematis ones in traps by sweet peas much smaller in different part of garden


rosemummy soz to say it isn't the big fat ones that do most of the damage it's the tiny little black beggars that harm my plants & the blue pellets are too large for their greedy little mouths

little ones in their beery graves too they make my toes curl, just ordered organic pellets will only use in shady area round hellebores, flowering rose do you put dead slugs on bird table?haven't got one got 2 feeders am vvvparanoid about attracting rats can i definitely avoid this if i get a table?


Even the ducks won't eat the beer soaked one's. I must have reduced the population well in the last week. I've got a photo of one nights haul, but people might be eating breakfast.

michael 58

Hmm think i`ll give the coffee grinds and eggshell idea a try. That would also act as a type of compost when it breaks down too? minerals etc?

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