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Pleased it did for you, firebird2110 ,Rob. I tried that method too but the little blighters took no notice and continued to thrive neigh survive in greater numbers.
Jean Genie

It's a slugfest out there ! Just been out to check plants after monsoon , crunched 3 , squashed 2 side by side ( maybe they were waiting for Noah ! ) BEST REVENGE EVER !!!! Fed small black slimy one to Fred my venus fly catcher .  Mmmmm.


. I crunch them underfoot without a thought, and chop slugs in half.  At least its a quicker death than the blue pellets

Massacre of plants last night. I might even succumb to blue pellets. I'm at Gardeners' World later this week and hope to get some of the pellets recommended by firebird 2012. Meanwhile its still crunch and cruch again. Hate slugs and snails.

I've been collecting the snails nightly and bunging them inside the compost bin, Its 3/4 full and I don't think they can get out of the bottom, the lid has a lip and although slugs can squeeze through I don't think the snails can. I think they might cook inside of it though. However, each night there are more to collect  - I can still see the other snails in the compost bin whenever I chuck more in.

They've killed several delphiniums and are steadily decimating some chilli plants, several lupins. hostas and a clematis (which they've stopped from ever really getting off the ground. I utterly hate them and am afraid of the depths to which I may yet sink. Perhaps I'll try those wool pellets.


I sympathise, Richard. I think you've got the kind of scarey material for an Edgar Allan Poe or Roald Dahl story in your compost bin.

To add to my slug and snail woe, this week the wind has beheaded my irises before they'd had a chance to do any showing off. My roses and peonies are so waterlogged that their heads fall off and land on the ground like King Henry 8th's wives at the Tower of London. All so distressing.

A bright spot was Gardeners' World yesterday. Gardeners are such a tolerant, cheerful and optimistic lot. Hundreds of us were viewing the excellent plants and shrubs and packing them into our boxes and pulling them round behind us all day. All hoping that the summer would begin today.

Perhaps not today but hopefully tomorrow!  Happy S&S hunting.   


Muvs Dashwood

After hearing it on Radio 2 I am trying cheap oats. I had some already and it's worth a punt. I hate using blue pellets but have bought some to my shame. It takes a while to encourage birds, hedgehogs and other predators into a new garden and I can't crush them, yuck!

Snail problem is a thing of the past since we put in a small pond. Lots of frogs now and no snails


 i collect my snails and slugs up in a bucket of strong salty water and watch them fizz a couple of days later strain the liquid down the drain and sheels in the bin. 

I do struggle to squash them. The noise of the shell crunching goes right through me. Hence the bucket approach  

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