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I want to grow Raspberries in BIG pots to ease the problem of replacements when virus attacks.

Amazon sell perfect 130L ones, but at £28 each, they are out of the question for the quantity I want.

Can anyone suggest free or nearly-free sources for used and past-their-best extra large pots in quantity ?

If you don't mind plastic, you could try your local poundstretcher or equivalent. Mine does large tree and shrub pots at low prices. Homebase also does large clay pots very cheap, though not frost proof. You could line and seal them to help them last longer.


Look also at places like Wickes and builders merchants which sell huge buckets for mixing plaster and so on.   You'd need to drill drainage holes tho.

Kitty 2

I love a bargain.  Cheapest big, shop bought pots I've seen is £5 for 50L in B&M, Wilko and the like.  Once got some half price @£2.50 in wilko sale, but that was a fluke, never seen them since.

I've got black flower buckets FREE from local supermarket (ask nicely, with a smile😊), but I guess they're only approx 30L

For 130L   you'd be better digging a hole in the ground.

On a serious note though, maybe thinking outside the box, a plastic barrel cut in half might work for you. No idea how much they cost? 

Our raspberries are in a trug, the handles come in handy as well! 


Kitty 2 says:

...a plastic barrel cut in half might work for you. No idea how much they cost? 

 Maybe ask on your local Freecycle?  

There may be people with leaky waterbutts and other similar tub-like things. 


For something as large as 130l you could make them from pallet wood. Old pallets are often free for collection, with a membrane inside they'd last a good while.


What about a bath tub? 

Comes with a drainage hole, easy to move into place, and is the kind of thing people will give you.


Farmers get cattle feed in large black and red tubs. Don't know what they do with them but I have a couple. About 2 and a half foot across and 18 inches or so deep.

Hazel --

Take something to your local skip to throw out, keep your eyes open to see what other people are chucking away, and if you spot a big pot, politely enquire if you could have it instead! That happened to us this year! " Money for nothing" time.....

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