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Could anyone help me with some advice please. I got caried away recently when purchasing some bulbs from my local garden centre and wondered what the best way, if any, to store them for next year.

Regards Craig.


You can't store bulbs-you will just need to plant them -make up some containers if you don't have room in the garden

They will not keep till next year.

Alina W

Exactly as Geoff says - bulbs are not seeds, they cannot be stored for next year. If you don't plant them out this year they will die.


If you honestly do not want to plant them give them to a local charity shop.

If you want to keep them but haven't got any pots you would normally want to use for bulbs or much compose remember that they don't need a lot of compost as they have all the food they need in the bulb so you could just plant them up in trays with a small amount of compost for support to hold the bulb upright.They may flop but you could use these ones for picking? They will need a good feed while they are dying down after flowrering so they can build themselves up again for subsequent years

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