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the moss means you have poor drainage. The worm casts mean that worms are burrowing through your soil, and helping the drainage. It will all look better when it warms up, and you have cut the grass a couple of  times.

If its any consolation, my lawn currently looks like a disaster zone,the birds are taking moss for nests, but it will be fine by summer for when we want to sit on it.


And feed the grass. Moss prefers a poor soil and grass likes a richer one.


The better the drainage on the lawn, the less likely you are to see worms casts.  The worms do this to help aerate their tunnels to prevent themselves from drowning but don't need to do that in well drained soil. 


Improving the drainage can be done quite simply - spike the lawn over with a fork or aerator - info here 

As for lawn feed, in April you can use something like this  

which will kill moss and weeds while feeding the grass.  Follow the instructions carefully 

After that, regular mowing, at least once a week in the summer, but not too short, will really improve the lawn.

Good luck. 


If you're lucky enough to get starlings in your garden, they'll do the drainage work for you in their search for daddy long leg larvae.



You can actually use Growmore to feed your grass. Or that awful Chicken stuff is just as good. They both provide a good all round feed, unlike many of the special lawn feeds which give a high nitrogen boost to make the grass look green quickly so you think the fertiliser is working.


 worms are killing my lawn and eating bulbs i think,,,, how do i control them 1000, of em in a small area, any help thanks

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