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can anyone tell me why some (but not all) of my sweet pea plants are producing flower stems but with no flower at the top?  Are the buds being eaten by something?  The plants are otherwise very healthy and growing well.


maybe you just have to wait a bit longer for the flowers to come .

I'm not so sure, the stalks are long and just look as though the flower has been picked off - but I know it hasn't - there has never been a bud.

Tricia Muddyboots

Maybe you are feeding them too much nitrogen and not enough potassium?  Try Tomato feed or Rose feed.  Good luck.  My sweet peas in south west France are just coming into bloom after the ghastly wet spring. 

Thisis called blindness. The cause is eithera rapid change of temperature during development; say hot to cold all of a sudden,or the reverse. It is common and not fixable, but will right itself when the weather evens out.

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