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Stacey Docherty

After excellent advice from this site I have purchased some thalictrum seeds. I have researched online about fresh seed and it says plant immediately, where as the instruction say plant jan/ feb... I know they need a period of cold to germinate would it harm to plant them noW and store in a cold frame keeping them damp??


have you got enough to do half and half. 

Do you know that the seeds are fresh? Mine aren't ripe yet, but these are harvested and packed.  

Stacey Docherty

They are supposed to be fresh yes nutcutlet i think it was you who advised me to buy them!! they are a collection of 20 seeds so not that many I might trial half now and half in January!!!!!! what do usually do with yours???? ( tip seeking)


Did I? I've got a short memory Where did you get them?

Stacey Docherty

I got them from twighlightgardenseeds on eBay ( I have bought several v v good seed combos from her in the past) I think I may do half tonight lol I'm such an impatient person, if I could I would dig bulbs up to check they were growing!!! 


Stacey Docherty

youWou suggested them for my woodland garden project!


i remember now. It does say fresh seed so I'd sow them. Cover them with grit and leave them to get on with it. the grit will stop them growing mould or getting washed out of the pot if they don't germinate til spring. 

i had to be very strict and leave that site. there are some nice things there and I've promised myself a year off baby nuturing.

I hope you don't mind me hijacking this thread but I'd be grateful for some advice please.

My Thalictrum (delavayi?) has been magnificent this year and I've promised someone some seeds from it. How can I tell when they're ripe please and if I post them is it ok just to send in an envelope (without holes obviously!!)


When they're dry and brown and come of easily they're ready. An envelope is fine


They turn brown, and when you run the seed head through your fingers, the seeds detach. I always double wrap seeds. Ie make a little envelope for the seeds, then put that in the envelope you're posting.   A use for all those junk mail envelopes that come through the letterbox



Good idea. If the recipient isn't expecting seeds they might all fall out when they open it.

Nice one, thanks very much. They're still very much a greeny-purple yet so I'll wait a while.

I have got a tray of thalictrum seeds that are just coming up. Some have 2 tiny real leaves above the seed leaves but are still very tiny. When should I remove them from the seed tray and put them in pots? I fear that they are so small I will damage them at the moment.



I know a lot of people say pot up when they have two real leaves but I like to keep mime in the seed tray until much bigger than that, when you think they are big enough for you to handle is the best time.

They won't grow much as winter sets in so give them a few weeks more and see what you think. You could post a photo later on. 


I am clumsy, so I tend to do as Lyn does.

It is important that you sow the seed relatively thinly, if you are going to use this method, other wise you can end up with a dense mat of plants, which are difficult to separate.

Thank you Lyn - I will do as you suggest and wait a while until they get bigger. It is just as you say - I was thinking of that advice of waiting until 2 real leaves appear but I can see that I will just kill them if I move them now.

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