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Betty Brown Eyes

Does anyone have a tried and tested way to keep next doors cat from using my newly planted flowerbed as her personal toilet? I have tried orange peel scattered around, also short sticks pushed into the ground and have just ordered a product called 'Get Off', and will update you on the result on that. but in the meantime I'm on guard!!


Teabags soaked in diluted Jeyes Fluid work, cats hate the smell!

Betty Brown Eyes

Thank you! I will try it and let you know how I get on...

Have a water pistol handy and spray, as much as I'm a cat lover I'm a gardener too!

Hi Betty,its all been said before, but we are cat free for months now due to Jeyes ready to use spray or diluted from the tin,Wilco,s cheapest so far ,don't spray on plants but near to them is ok, if you dig or disturb the soil in any way spray again ,it takes about a week to cure the cats and it lasts when used ongoing for weeks or months at a spray, iv had one visit in 5/6 months because i planted and forgot to spray around the new plant,IT WORKS i now spray once a month lightly,Try it.and good luck.


Betty Brown Eyes

Wow Im impressed, will definately try that! Thanks for the tip....

Give the cat treats! I live on a farm with 10 cats and they're in my garden all the time..I keep treats in my greenhouse they know I treat them so they use next doors garden instead!

Betty Brown Eyes

Ha, not a prayer, dont get me wrong, I like cats in general, but I am not treating them to titbits if all Im getting is poo!!

Joe_the_Gardener wrote (see)

Who needs 10 cats?


Farm, mice, cats!


I have heard that fresh chilli seeds and garlic work

John Harding

I use ultrasonic cat scarers (I've got 4) and use them around the garden. Batteries can be expensive so I bought Duracell rechargeables & a charger. Have to change the batteries about once a month. Adults can't normally hear them but my grandchildren can so when they are around I have to switch them off.

A friend bought one too for his garden and it made no difference, the offending cat kept on using his seed bed as its loo! - then his neighbour told him his cat was deaf !

The Manic Slughunter

I have a cat who is normally quite happy to stay indoors....until he saw my beautifully raked seed bed....and decided it was his new loo!!! Now, revolting question folks but got to put it out there...I removed two yukky deposits from the seed bed; can I still go ahead and plant veg in there or do I have to remove loads of the soil because although I removed the poop I wondered if he'd pee'd there too:/ doesn't stink like he has...any suggestions? :/ I've since covered it with a taut netting frame so neighbours mogs can't leave me any yucky surprises:/ 

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