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I have a front garden border with tulips which were planted in the winter. They came up a few weeks ago and were a loverly display. Earlier this week two of them had there flowers 'snipped' off about 2 inches below the petals. Now there are 4 that have suffered the same fate. I dont know that if the fact that the one affected are all yellow in colour has any baring on it but none of the other coloured tulips have been touched. Also the heads are just lying by the plant and haven't been eaten or collected.

Does anyone know what could be the reason for this? I live in a Glagow city suburbs with very few wildlife issues to worry about. 

PatsyC - I considered that also but I dont think that the wind was that strong over the time that this happened. Also the fact that its only happened to 4 so far out of 30 odd seems a bit strange.

lazy gardener wrote (see)

Birds-some are attracted to yellow

Thats the winning explaination at the moment. Any more bids? 



definetely birds. You will often see eaten yellow crocuses whilst the purple ones are left untouched


Pigeons fighting/mating (hard to tell the difference!) around here.

Do you have any cats in the garden?   One of my neighbours cats has a penchant for tulips.   She doesn't eat them, just chews the stems, about two inches under the flower.   Not always does she chew right through so I often come home to pots of tulips with heads hanging by a thread.   Other times the blooms are in the bottom of a pot.  Both my neighbour and I have caught the minx a it.

I'm warned every year and neighbour raises her puts so they are pretty much out of reach.   I try to cover adjacent pots so the cat can't sit and nibble but she will sit in mt night phlox, alyssium or even campanulas to reach.   

She's had red, white, pink angelique and yellow so far this year.

Not sure it's a common problem but if it's not birds?

muddy mare

my tulips are also being deadheaded also parsnip seedlings scratched out,and potato tops scatched out and pecked the culprits......pheasants


One of my tulips was snapped and dangling about 3 inches below the bloom - it was either the wind or it could've been knocked by a blackbird flying down from the fence to rummage for worms in the border.

As for pheasants, regard it as fattening them up - get them used to feeding there and in the autumn soak some raisins in brandy and put them out in the garden - the pheasants will love them and get so sozzled you can walk out and pick them up - fill your freezer - that'll teach them  (don't tell the local farmer/gamekeeper I told you )

muddy mare

he he have already had a word with the game keeper!!good idea though dove !the kitchen garden now looks more like a scrap yard with all the metal defences and scare crows they dont seem to like the aparagus though ......thank goodness


I have doubles, the main culprit is actually the rain. The rain fills the flower and makes them fall over or snap, couple it with the gusty wind we had last week, means lots of mine have ended up in cups around the house!

Auntiemand - there are cats around but into seen any pay any attention to the tulips. I see more in the back garden than front yet the tulips at the back are fine. 

Great idea about the pheasants from Dove! Only wish we had more round here. not sure the Glasgow pigeons would have the same flavour .

seems that the concenus to my problem is birds then. Should have guessed, I've always had problems with birds! 

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