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Can any one suggest plants for under a holly tree on a NE facing very small bed. We have cut off the lower branches of the tree to allow more light in . Its clay soil!

I've got somthing similar - pulmonaria, epimediums and brunnera all do well.


Heucheras and Vincas (periwinkle- different sizes, evergreen, purple and white flowering varieties) should do well too. There are some good bright green Heucheras which may be better than the purples as they will stand out. Jacob's Ladder (Polemonium - white and blue flowered varieties) grows well in shade and on clay- I've used it several times, and Dicentra is another useful one for this kind of situation -  pink and white varieties are readily available.   Early bulbs like crocus may be a nice addition too.   


The holly tree will suck most of the moisture out of the soil.  It may be too dry for anything precious.

thank you of all your suggestions!





We have a holly tree and bulbs seems to be the answer as they like it dry!  I've also had success with sedums, the smaller ones do the best.  In the summer I've put a few pots with annuals in them.  Good luck

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