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I laid turf in my garden last March.  The lawn became slightly patchy by August even though I had kept it watered.  I decided to feed the lawn using chicken manure pellets.  By accident my Grandsons got hold of Lawn sand and spread it on the grass. The turfed area completely died. I now have an area of compact bare earth a few weed are staring to come through.  I need to replace this area, about 18ft by 16ft High fences all around and trees at the back and slopes towards the house.  Should I try to re turf if so do I need to dig over or replace any of the soil or just go for artificial grass HELP


If your'e going to turf it, it will need digging over. See the how to section, all the advice you need is there.

I phoned suppliers of Lawn sand and they said it would be ok to plant turf over the top of old turf without digging as it would provide a good base for the new turf just rake it over and make sure it was level. The problem is I am still not completely  sure what killed the original turf. Does anyone know if lawn sand and or chicken manure pellets would have killed the lawn?


Rosemary - could you show us some photos of the lawn please, we might get a better idea of the problem 



To add a photo that is saved on your pc, click on the green tree icon in the toolbar above where you type your post, and follow the instructions.  

If that's not clear let us know!

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