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Just a question is it safe to use and if so how to use it

Some use it as a slug deterrent


I put mine into the compost bin

So do I. But a friend dries hers out in the bottom of the Rayburn and uses them as a slug deterrent. I don't think it's very effective.

interesting link Gardening Grandma, my son can get hold of the granules from the canteen where he works i have put some in my compost bin, but do like the idea of making a lyquid feed , shall also give it a go with egg shells as a slug deterrent 

I don't think it deters slugs either.
I put it in the compost heap because that's where everything goes.

and if you go along to your local coffee shop and ask them nicely they will give you all the spent coffee grounds that you might want ,just tell them it's to keep slugs off your veggies .


Gardening Grandma

Clogherhead, that idea really appeals to the recycling addict in me. Think I'll try my sister-in-law's cafe when I go there for fat club. That's where we weigh, moan about how we haven't dieted and then eat cake and drink coffee. My kind of dieting! Tea leaves are also good for the garden, so I'll ask her for the used tea bags as well, despite the indestructible nature of the bags.


the teabags will rot down in your compost bin ,does your sister in-law not brew tea the old fashioned way there's a tea / coffee shop in Drogheda that do this ,no little tea pots for one.


Gardening Grandma

They don't rot very fast, Derek, and I tend to have to break them open when I dig on compost. Back to coffee, it has to be good to use them for compost because coffee grounds block the drains of you try to rinse them away, I find.

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