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I have this plant growing well in a large container and this morning I've noticed leaf damage which I think (judging by internet pics.) is the work of the adult viburnum beetle - don't see any larvae or any other signs of activity.   Should I remove the damaged leaves  (not too many at the moment) and spray the plant and if so, what should I use?    Your advice as always would be appreciated.

Thank you


Any spraying I would think is best done in early Spring when the beetle is active. I've a large bush that sometimes gets attacked, others not. I personally dont spray, but do know that if have done any pruning in Spring the newer foliage is more prone to attack.

If the damaged leaves are unsightly to you, then you could remove if not too many yet. J.



Is this beetle on the increase? I had years with no problem, didn't even know it existed. The last 2 years it's been a real pest.

Jean Genie

I gave up with mine a few years back as I couldn't rescue it. All the leaves were eaten and it looked a mess even though I treated it . In the end I dug it up.


I'm heading that way



Thank you all for your replies - the viburnum was planted earlier this year and has grown really well and looks good in its pot -  I'll remove the damaged leaves, keep a close eye on things and treat in Spring,   May I ask again what I should use to treat it?


I had exactly the same problem.

I sprayed the bush with 'Provado' in May and then again in September (2011).   I only use Provado when I have to as its terribly strong (don't get it in your eyes).

The Viburnum bushes are now fine and there has been a huge boost in the leaves.

I haven't used the Provado any more ... once treated the beetles stayed away !

Hope this helps and good luck



Chris7  - thank you.  I used Provado following advice from this forum on how to treat an ailing pyracantha and it worked well - so let's hope for similar results with the viburnum.

Thanks again.




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