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Hi, I treated myself to a target veg true for this year and filled it with new compost.  OMG I have just found what has been eating my great lettuce plants , the evil VINE WEEVIL !!! How on earth can I get rid of them for next year ?

Sorry predicted text is not good......I meant a veg trug !!!!,


You'll be using fresh compost for the next crop, so dispose of the weevil-infested compost in your brown bin or wherever.  If you know anyone who keeps hens they'll love the grubs.

Did you buy the lettuce plants or grow them from seed?  If you bought them you might have bought the grubs in with them.  

Were the leaves being eaten or just the roots?

Is anything else in your garden being eaten by vine weevils?  If so you'll be best treating the soil with nematodes.  They're perfectly safe to use on edible crops.



TA nothing else has been eaten and I grew the lettuce from seed. The leaves have been left but roots all gone.  I never bother growing cyclamen because they always get eaten but none of my other veg in my main veg plot have had the same issue. They are nasty little things Do they have a purpose other than to eat my grub.

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