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Can anyone advise what can be done to drain a garden when the water table is so exceptionally high? It is not just us our neighbours are suffering too. I'm concerned about exisiting shrubs, small trees and bulbs.


Not a lot I would have thought-it is just a waiting game-perhaps speak to the water company /council with your concerns-are you on a flood plain or is this just unusual because of all the rain?

Maybe something you just have to live with

We have lived here since 1988 and only once in 2000 was it this bad as was the case for the region.


What part of the UK are you in?  Have you had it exceptionally bad this year?  Well, I know we all have, but are you in the bottom of a valley or on a flood plain or similar?

It may be that there are some watercourses blocked/clogged 'downstream' from you - as Geoff says, speak with your water company or local council 

Good luck.

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