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I have 5 'Pink Marble' photinias which accidentally got waterlogged, as soon as I noticed I repotted them in a general compost and put them in a sheltered sunny spot and kept an eye on their watering - but they don't seem to be reviving at all


Is there anything I can do?


Trouble is, if they get waterlogged for too long the roots are starved of oxygen and they die.


How long did the waterlogging go on for Sandlake

You can't do anything other than let them dry out and give them time. Whether they recover or not is out of your hands apart from that. Good luck to them! xx


Sorry for the delay in replying.

The plants were waterlogged for about 5 days to a week. As soon as I noticed I drained them off and they were repotted the next day.



I agree with auntie betty, you've done all you can. It happened to me once with some hollies. My uncle gave them to me and I didn't realise there were no drainage holes in the pots. Far too late to save them by the time I noticed.

I had about 15 of them in a row, against a fence, the fence I am wanting thme to replace. The 5 furthest away got least attention, the first 10 were and are still fine and flourishing but these 5 for some reason got waterlogged - can't figure out why.


Thnaks for your help. I have just been looking up advice on how to take cuttings!


Is there a gutter overflowing into it or a soakaway? I'd find out why before you plant anything else there. Overflowing gutter, soakaway, lowest point in some badly draining area. If you can't cure it try some of those coloured stemmed dogwoods. They'll be able to take it.

There is nothing like that, there is no apparent reason for it. I suspect kids fooling around


are they your kids, can you stop them doing it again?

Not mine, I will beef up the fence so that they can't get access in future

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