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This does not look like Lesser Celandine and is definitely not creeping buttercup so I would say Mouse ear hawk weed.
It is a weed and wants taking out, it will spread but not as fast as creeping buttercup or celandine.
I watched celandine cover the floor of the local woods from a few plants near a beck to covering and smothering all the banks around in less than six years walking my dog.



Thank you one to get rid of then 


Anyone else confirm the weed ?



Yes   definitely one of the many variants of Hawkweed.

Yes me too. Though going with the definition of a weed as a plant in the wrong place I suppose it depends where it's growing. One woman's weed is another woman's wildflower


Gary Hobson
quercus_rubur wrote (see)

... One man's weed is another man's wildflower

Absolutely, I grow both lesser celandines and hawkweeds (several species), and buttercups, in the wild area of my garden.

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