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Does anyone have any idea what this may be please?


Common Hogweed.  My brother and I picked sacks and sacks of this as children for our pet rabbits and mother's dairy goats.

It can sometimes cause a slight skin rash, but nothing to worry about - my arms were often covered with it but it's not harmful.  

The flowers are good for attracting pollinating insects, and in the winter it's seedheads look stupendous covered with hoar frost 

Don't worry, although a bit similar it's not the Giant Hogweed  which can cause much worse skin irritation.

Thank you Dovefromabove, it has caused much debate here! I thought I had planted it, hubby certain it was a weed! Can't think how it got there! Looks like it's got to come out then before it seeds....shame though, it foes look quite spectacular! 


Whoops may have been too hasty digging this up. Could this be Angelica instead :-\



Oh dear, had you planted any angelica?  I thought the leaves looked wrong for angelica but I could have been mistaken 


Trouble is I'm not sure... I thought I had plant a tree peony there, and it's clearly not that lol, hence why hubby thought it a weed. We have replanted it in a far corner of the garden just in case. 




Nope, not a tree peony - I am sure of that   Give it a good hosing now and then as there's quite a lot of plant to cope with being replanted and then maybe you can get a better ID on it.

What a gorgeous wall you have there - very jealous!

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