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Can someone please help me ID the weed in the attached photo, it seems to have arrived with some soil conditioner I bought last year.




Can we have a pic of the whole plant please PE



Sorry PE, I can't do this one. It looks a bit like one of the umbellifers in the second photo

Ok thanks anyway for replying, hopefully someone else will be able to help. 



It's looking suspiciously like ground elder. I am not a 100% sure, hopefully someone else will comment. It is the sort of plant that can come back from the dead on a regular basis, surviving composting etc. If it is zap with glysophate immediately and continue applying it regularly throughout the summer until you win.

tony williams2

I agree it looks like ground elder,i try to dig it all up it goes down quite a way,if new shoots appear use good weed killer regually,good luck.


I don't think it's ground elder PE but as I can't offer a better solution........


I thought the photo of the plant looked like alexanders but the individual leaves didn't. 



You're right - they do look like two different plants.


They do don't they. Are you sure they're the same plant PE? Those leaflets aren't the same shape at all.

Yes maybe I have confused two different plants. I will get check again when I get home, apologies for any confusion. The problem plant is definitely the photo I originally posted though, have pulled up most of them now but will try and find one intact. 

Thanks again

I also don't think this is G elder, the roots of which also have a distinctive smell and you would see underground runners being sent out as the plant matures. I think this is an umbellifer - does it have a carrotty-shaped root, many of them do. I think I also have this weed- don't know what it is but it flowers like a cow parsley

Looks rather like a parsnip, is it a wild parsnip ? I don't know how common this is.



reckon we've got two different plants here. Look at the shape of the leaflets.

PE may be able to get more photos

The second photo appears to show the older darker leaves being as photo one and the newer later foliage being lighter in colour and starting to become lobed, both images show the double serration along the leaf margins indicating the same plant.


I wonder if it might be Feverfew....Tanacetum parthenium. Generally it seeds very easily, but I suppose the acid test is whether it will produce white daisy-like flowers....or, more to the point, whether you are happy to live with it until then!!

I think it's parsnip, Pastinaca sativa. It's not ground elder or feverfew, I don't know what willow weed is. Not excluding Alexanders yet...

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