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Hello all. First post and as it says I am a real numpty in the garden and would like to help please

How to you keep your gravel areas free of weeds? I've been having a constant war with mine all year and it's now got to a stage where they are winnng. 

Any advice/products to use most welcome or point me in the direction of threads already created

Thank you 




Gardening Grandma

Verdun might disagree with this, but we have membrane under ours. (He doesn't like membrane much). Our gravel isn't a garden, though, and I suppose you'd have to start again to plant a gravel garden through membrane. I find, even with membrane, certain plants like the growing conditions and I have Welsh poppies and a couple of other things still managing to grow there. I suppose a certain amount of soil from the borders tends to get spilt there and the mix of soil and stones really suits some plants.

Not much of an answer - more of a meander!

hi there is a couple of ways you can spray them off then wait for them to died shovel or rake the gravel back about 2 meter wide to soil and then lay a farbic call landscape farbic down get the thicker one for driveways rake the gravel back but not to thick or the weeds will root on the frabic and in the gravel again if you cant rake the gravel back just put the frabic down over the top and put new gravel down so that it is just covering the black

In my paths I use weedkiller......if you dig up weeds you move the soil and expose further weed seeds which then germinate.  A spray in early spring and another early summer is effective

Membrane for a path is fine.  Just dont like it in flower/shrub borders. However, those annual weeds will still germinate in your gravel regardless of a membrane.  Weeds will colonise any situation.  

Thank you for your replies - 

I have tried the old "dig 'em out and as I do end up with holes where they've really rooted so would explain when I'm getting more of them.

I inherited this garden with the house and having checked there isn't any membrane under the gravel at all.

So off to the shops for weedkiller it is, get myself a rake  and let's get this war started

I appreaciate you all popping in and letting me know your throughts

Thanks everyone



Weve tried membrane, no membrane. As gardening Grandma say lots of plants love gravel and self seed.  Poppies forget-me-nots even snowdrops seem to appear in our gravel areas.  Those I sit back and enjoy as for those pesky weeds its a round up job in full sun. 

Sorry no easy answer

Enjoy your gardening


Thanks Ging2 - I will try and enjoy it. And get myslef some Round Up - thanks for the tip of putting in on in full sun . It may be a long wait for some of that

Numpty, just spray your weedkiller but dont rake your gravel too will expose more weed seeds.  An ordinary weedkiller that works quickly will suffice unless you have perennial weeds

Thanks Verdun - I shall hold back with the raking - it seems I have "eternal weeds" as well as perennial


The weed prove how good gravel is at germinating seeds! The trapped heat and moisture is perfect. Good when it happens to wanted plants, not so good when it is weeds.


Our wide gravel edge to the path is now a glorious addition the flower beds, with astantia, hellebores, anemones, ble scilla etc., and all for nothing. 

Bookertoo, sounds nice....very nice indeed


When buying membrane, buy the quality stuff. Not that cheap rubbish from pound shops, wilkos etc that only lasts a year. I've had mine 5yrs now and it's still perfect; with only the odd weed pushing through.

It's pricey.....but worth every penny.


Weeds in teh garden are like dust in the home.  No matter how clean and neat and tidy you are they always come back because they are designed to survive which means they can propoagte themselves from tiny bits of root left in the soil and from seeds that have lain dormant for ages or sprout fresh form a flower you missed pulling.

Weeds in gravel are easy enough to pull by hand, especially after rain, or can be carefully scalped with a Dutch hoe or one of those lovely double edged Wolf heads.   Regular pulling and hoeing will weaken them in the end.   If you have a large area use a glyphosate based product but with care as it is indiscriminate in what it kills and leaves residues in the environment which will no doubt come back to haunt us all.




I can vouch for the Wolf head, it slices straight through a path in minutes. Then just go back along the path and collect the debris.


Hello Jro.   How are you and yours, and your garden?


Hello! The garden (and my achey bones) is suffering from the vile weather we have had, and an equally vile neighbour who disrupted one side of my garden and dumped groundelder-ridden soil all along one side when he dug a trench for his new fence, also stealing a few inches while he was at it... It put me off going outside at all really, I have only just started up again. He is currentlty rebuilding the house and cutting down all the trees in the neighbourhood, so it's never all that pleasant outside actually because of all the noise of either drilling or chainsawing. Son now 18 and doing A levels, 2 grandchildren, husband fine, arthritis worse - how are you?

Thanks guys- really enjoying reading all your responses.. -

what is this  "Wolf head" ? that you speak of? 


Wolf garden tools system.  You buy handles of varying lengths and then attach the head needed for what you're doing - hoes, rakes, brooms, lawn edgers, cultivators, pruning saw and many more.  Have a google and then go checkout a good garden centre or DIY store.

Jro - I'll start a new thread rather than go further astray on this one..