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my Mum has this in her front garden, she was told that it was a Japanese dogwood, but I think the flowers are far too small, can anyone clarify what it is?

I've included a photo with my hand for scale.

Papi Jo

Does it have a nice fragrance?


smells a bit like candy floss or sweeties, but my nose isn't the best

Looks very much like my phyladelphus Silver Showers. I think my phyladelphus blossoms smell of strawberries. Lovely scented shrub and stays quite compact.



A philadelphus, I don't know which one either 

I don't like the smell of most of them


thanks, done a bit of research and I think you're right with philadephus,

I'll get it pruned correctly (it's never been pruned since my parents have lived there - 15 years nearly) once its finished flowering and hopefully it'll put a decent show on next year.


Scent is a funny thing, subject to location and personal sensitivities.   We had a supposedly highly perfumed philadeplphus in our Belgian garden but, whilst if flowered well, it had no real scent.  In this garden there are two in a mixed hedge along the road boundary and their perfume is delicious.   There's also a  couple of green choisya shrubs that flowered earlier and produced lovely perfume too.

There's another, as yet identified shrub, which produces clusters of tiny white flowers and they smell dreadful to me so I may well dig them out and move them away from the house this autumn on the assumption that insects like them.  If not, they're goners..


This one looks like Philadelphus Lemoinei. 

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