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Hi all,

I planted a comos last week which I brought from the local garden centre. One of the flowers opened during the week and I noticed today that something has put a hole through the petal and something has also eaten half of another bud. Looking on the internet it seems that comos are generally 'pest free'. So whats eating mine??

Many thanks! 


The snails in my garden seem to have added Cosmos to their list of edibles.  Much collecting and crunching taking place here

Thanks for your responses. Here is a picture of my problem - could be earwigs. I shall give the organic approach a go and see what happens. The snails also seem to be having a munch on the bottom leaves, despite my pellets. 





Snap! A very similar appearance to some of my dahlia buds, so earwigs get my vote as well. BTW Snails & slugs do love cosmos too, sorry. J.

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