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i have a number of acid loving plants like rhododendron, camellia and red robin to name a few.

generally I use miracle grow all over the garden. Is this a good all round fertiliser for both alkaline and acid loving plants?

or should I try something different.

i recently bought some camellia and rhododendron liquid feed. Can I use this on all acid loving plants like the red robin, fan palm, acer and hydrangea? Or should I not even bother and just use miracle grow all over?

thanks for your help?



Miracle grow make a different feed for  acid lovers. It used to be called Miracid. Now its miracle grow for azaleas, rhodos and other acid lovers.

You can also use sequestrene for acid lovers.

Hiya luke

IF these plants are in the garden soil they really don't need much feeding. In containers then yes they will.  As fidgetbomes said Miracid is the one to use.

Red robin, incidentally isn't really am acid lover or the palm or the hydrangea unless,it's a blue variety.

thanks for your replies.

Verdun - when i looked on the web regarding red robin, fan palm, and hydrangea it said they like acid-neutral soil....?

so i best just stick with the miracle grow for acid plants and stick the acers, azaleas and rhodos? 

Luke..acid to neutral is a range......a wide range  these plants will grow in most soils but it doesnt mean they are acid lovers like Rhodos, Camelias, azaleas etc.  Photinia, palm and hydrangea will grow in neutral soil


i have a red robin tree so what feed do i use

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