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I would like to know if I can cut back my daughters wisteria now which is growing on her pergular outside her sitting room window. She moved to her new house a few months ago and it looks like the wisteria has been left to spread. It is so big it is making the room very dark.

A neighbour had one and I know no amount of cutting back seemed to stop it regrowing two fold.

Im not a professional but it would seem its pretty hard to get wrong.

I hope that helps if no one else replys.

Now if anyone know how to propergate the seeds from one of these bad boys Id be interested to hear as I collected quite a few pods.

With thanx

Alina W

Wisteria needs regular pruning to keep it in check and produce flowers.

However, cutting it back randomly won't do it any good. Here is how it should be pruned.

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