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I have a Skimmia which has been turning yellow over the last year.  Is there anything I can do to bring it back to a healthy green?

 Any help would be much appreciated.


Is your soil very alkaline? They always go yellow on mine to the point where I no longer grow them


Hi Nutcutlet.  The soil is actually quite acidic as rhododendrons and azaleas grow well around here.


Is it getting too much sun?  There are some leaves that are more 'sheltered' that look darker than those that are more exposed. 


I don't know the answer then Lesley.  I've often seen skimmias looking a sickly yellow or maybe a very pale edge to the leaf. I've always blamed the soil but perhaps not


Skimmias offen take time to settle when small.  They also do not like cold winds....dont like strong direct sun.  Then, they are easy   However, yours is not a small bush,,is it?  

Like Nut, I would have suggested alkalinity.  

If mine, I would apply Epsom salts and repeat this a week later.  

Let us know how you get on. 

Epsom salts ... Verdun in what circumstances would you apply Epsom salts and what measurements do you use please?  Sounds like an effective solution that you would never read in a txt book


Thanks for the replies.

Dovefromabove - I am in Scotland therefore it is definitely not getting too much sun.

Nutcutlet - perhaps the soil is too poor as conifers used to grow in that bed.

Verdun - I will give the Epsom salts a try and give it a good mulch with organic stuff and will let you know. Fingers crossed.

Hiya CharlieD

Epsom salts is a great tonic containing magnesium.  Good for most everything.  I think it helps plants assimilate other nutrients better too.  I just add tablespoon to 10 litres of water and stir well.  You can spray too.  

Its cheap enough from the chemist. 

Hi Verdun - thanks for that

LesleyK, if it's any help, I've got a skimmia waiting to be planted in its proper place in a new bed and I potted it up quickly in ordinary compost thinking it wouldn't matter for a few weeks.  It's now sprouting lovely healthy yellow leaves!


Well done CharleyD for asking about dosage. Thanks again Verdun it sounds worth a try. I will spray the leaves as well.

Hope yours recovers soon CharleyD.  As is is a young plant it probably will be OK with tlc.


Mine has also got yellow leaves on it which I think is due to it being in strong sun will the leaves go back to dark green ? 


if it is because of the sun the leaves will darken again as autumn approaches but help it along with extra watering and epsom salts.

is yours in a pot? If so move it into a shadier spot 


Lesley, I give mine a watering with the stuff I use for rhodos and azaleas.


Thanks Joyce.  A bit late for that one as it just got worse and worse and I dug it up last year.  I have a small one in a pot waiting to go into a shadier bed when I get organised and I'll use the azalea stuff for it then.


The "azalea stuff" will not help if the issue is sun scorch.  The epsom salts application is a cheap tonic rather than any feed.  Extra watering is far better right now. 


Verdun, you forget that Scotland has had more than enough water since the spring 

Also, wind burn and frost damage is the norm, not sun scorch 

Wish we were as fortunate as you re weather conditions


Aye - it's wind burn I have - not a tan Verd  


today was supposed to be the cool day of the week with even drizzle forecast. Instead it has been roasting......getting hotter each day now even in Scotland 

couldnt get to the beach cos had to wait in for a replacement windscreen    (Not even my windscreen 


The central heating is on. . .