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Every year I eagerly anticipate the new gardeners world calendar but this year I have been very disappointed.So sad.

I loved the glossy beautiful pictures of gardens, wildlife and flowers.

But this year not only has the calendar gone from a pleasing large rectangular format to a smaller square format,the photoes have a matt finish and  even the pictures have no depth and mainly consist of small flat looking, uninspiring single flowers and on top of that printing has been squeezed into the already smaller area taking all the joy away.

Any words would be better of with the date section.

So now i 'm having to find  myself a new calendar for next year somewhere else.

Your calendar just looks cheap this year.So disappointing.

Pennine Petal
Just got mine, it will certainly take up less space on my notice board at work. I always look forward to turning to the next month's picture.

I really like the smaller size. Oh dear, We can't all be pleased can we!

Ok then. Mixed responses. I'm going to get g.w. and the calendar. Might like it above my computer and buy another for kitchen.



The photo's are from GW readers, so maybe you could put your nominations forward for next year, at least there will be one photo you like.

This is my first one and I  like it, There would never be enough roon for me to write in all my garden notes, seeds etc,on a calendar,  so I use an A4 ring binder book.. The calendar does what it says, tells you the day and date.


Just to add my feedback.  My wife and I were very dissapointed with the smaller size. It is perhaps due to the BBC selling the magazine, so the object now is profit, profit, profit.

Kind regards

I looked to see if there was any GW editors response to the comments re the awful smaller GW calendar, hopefully to say that it will be going back to the larger size of previous years

.In its present state it is neither use nor ornament, with not enough space to put more than one job to be done never mind that the job has then been done.

I for one will look at the size of it before buying this years.Poor show GW.


~I have yet to see it. though i think we should get one in next months mag.

gardenning granny

I shan't bother with it this year.

I have so many wonderful phptps from my garden and have them set to keep appearing randomly as screen savers, reminding me of past treasures.  What dothink of this one?  I grew it from seed and very proud to see its first flowers this year.  Sadly the scorching sun may have killed it off, but what memories in this picture!


I can get the 2013 calendar half price ....bargain 

star gaze lily

Lovely pic GG. You could make your own 2014 calendar. Lots photo places make them up. Lovely way to remember your garden and make great presents.

What flower is this one gg?


Verdun.........2012  calandar is buy one get two free,great offer


Well, the way David K's Camera Corner thread is going maybe they'll commission some photos for next year 

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