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About three years ago I decided to rejuvenate an old lined garden pond of about 3.5*3.5 metres square, general depth of between 60cm and 70cm, and with one shallow shelf along the back wall. On this shelf i have 'fools watercress' that looks like it will create a great environment. In fact 'Common Newt' are numerous and bred quite well this year.

My plan for the pond now, is to do away with the 'Canadian Pondweed'  that occupies a healthy 70% of the water. And I really want to replace it with 'Water Starwort' and if possible a little of a pretty flowering shallow water plant.

My big question of the forum is: could anyone donate to me a reasonable amount of these weeds from a pond with absolutely no fish living in it, or point out to me a farm pond near to where i live....Rushden, Northamptonshire.

I'm serious about making a Frog Newt Toad haven and all the overwintering for these beautiful creatures is well taken care of i believe.

Thank you all  Russell


It's really not a good idea to take plants from wild or garden ponds ... for all sorts of reasons ... you will be disturbing the ecology of the pond you're 'robbing' and the plants may bring with them all sorts of 'stuff' (eggs/larvae/disease) that you don't want in your pond.

My best advice is for you to contact Puddleplants 

They have all sorts of native pond plants which will be ideal for your pond, and they are also a fount of knowledge and advice on setting up a wildlife pond of the type you describe.

However, many pond plants die back over winter and will not be in stock at the moment. 

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Thanks for the prompt replies, and it seems to be true about Puddleplants, as everything of interest to me is out of stock (presumably until spring). I was hoping to get some in now so that it will be thriving by late spring. I've just looked on the ebay link, thanks Lyn. They say they have Callitriche Verna, for a good price, but would like someone to tell me this is the native Starwort and not that introduced thing.


The native plants are out of stock because they've died down for the winter.  Putting them in your pond at this time of year won't get them going before the weather/water warms up and you may well lose some over the winter..  Puddleplants and all the other reputable stockists will be selling them when they're starting back into growth.  

If you buy plants that are growing now, it'll be the equivalent of buying hot-house grown flowers and putting them out in garden in the winter ... the cold will stop them growing and probably cut them right back ... then you'll have dead greenery decomposing in your pond. 



But the take them out of their lake and post them to you on order, why would they die.?


Because if they're green and lush now they're likely to have been growing in milder conditions (in a tank in a polytunnel maybe?) and they go into a cold wintery frosty pond, like our pond is at the moment, they're going to die back. 

I wouldn't buy pond plants at this time of year.

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I'm with Dove. If there's a risk of stuff dying over the winter, leave it with the nursery, let them take the risk. 

I too would buy in Spring.

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