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Hi, it appears that there's some sort of malfunction on the Forum at the moment making it difficult to post. Daniel and the Web Team have been informed - however this is the weekend .... Until the problem is fixed we can get around it by: 1. Go to your Settings in the drop down menu under your name in the top righthand corner of the page 2. Click on Forum Settings 3. Click on Basic Editor rather than Advanced Editor 4. Click on Save Changes You should now be able to post on the forum and send Private Messages. However we won't be able to post pictures and smileys can only be made by using punctuation marks if you know how to do it. E.g. : and ) should appear as a smile. Please can people keep bumping this up to stop it falling off the bottom of the first page, so that new posters see it. Thanks.


What's going on? It all looks normal

Aren't you lucky nut! Mine not so much so am basiced up as per instructions!


It seems that the problem is affecting some of us and not others.

Mine's ok too nut 

will keep bumping though

I just had to change to 'basic' to post a reply.

wot do i do to bump ,,  I thought the bump was a sixties dance

Thanks, I thought it was me
Ah ha!
Victoria Sponge
Cheers Dove, I didn't notice but I was broken too...

Maybe it's all the rain that's (hopefully) on the way =+)
Salino problem far...


star gaze lily
Thanks Dove, wouldn't work before your help.

and a bumpity bump from me

and a lunchtime bump from me 

Victoria - I was broken a long time ago....

Just changed to basics to post.

Thanks Dove, been trying all morning off and on.
Sent a message to web team, an automated reply, useful but not for the problem.

Fidget, the not-normal is a clear space which wont accept the cursor.

BobtheGardener - a good idea, its suprising how things build up.