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I have got the GW magazine for years.  This year, I saw that there was a digital subscription available.  While I don't have an IPad yet but Christmas is coming, I have started to look at IPad, Kindle, Sone Ereader, Google Nexus and similar products but I don't have a decision made yet.  I discovered that I can get the digital subscription only on IPad or if I pay Amazon, on Kindle.  Until I buy whatever product I decide upon, I would love to be able to read my GW magazine on my computer.  I don't want to be forced to buy an IPad i.e. specific manufacturer and I certainly don't want to pay Amazon.  I want my subscription to be in the GW pot, not in Amazon's.  Anyone else feel the same?


GW will have done deals with those distributors that give a reasonable percentage to each party and it'll be cheaper for GW to send stuff electronically via these media than to print, bind, package and post a magazine so chances are they'll get better revenues per copy.

Of course, that will translate to more jobs lost in paper production, printing and postal companies.   Win some, lose some.

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