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I was wondering if we could have a facility that enables me to remove old posts and raised threads that i have done or posted on from my "posts page".. not ones on the forum.. as i now have 11 pages of posts i have responded to and a long column of threads i raised that are now not answered or looked at from months ago..

like a box next to each one with a delete button.. like i can with my emails in my inbox.. tick the ones i dont want and delete them.. then i can just keep track of important ones to me with info in etc.. without going through pages and pages of them trying to findit.. maybe a save folder or something to keep things important or useful in..

i dunno if anyone else thinks this would be good to have..


i h ave just found a way at the bottom of my forum settings.. but i had to click on each one  "remove" and it as time consuming.. but it does remove them..


no.. i have got that wrong.. it has not removed them from "my Posts" page it has just stopped the email alerts for them.

oh.. would really like to be able to remove  them.. anyone out there to answer..

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