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Hi everyone, I'm a new member and am aware there have been some site issues recently. I cannot upload an Avatar and I have tried and tried - all I get is a box with the Browse and upload from Facebook buttons and one line above which says "1File Uploaded" but the file is completely invisible or not there. I have tried to contact the site team, but all I got was an automated reply message suggesting some links that in no way helped! So is it just a case of be patient till the "ishoos" are sorted?... Many Thanks A

Welcome, though I am sorry to say I cannot be of any help to you with your IT issues, I assume you've tried the 'settings' button top right of this page?  If that doesn't help maybe contact the web site?

Anyway, welcome to the site, lovely to have new people join it the chats.  

Just tried as well -not working properly-does seem to be another tech issue


Reckon it's a Friday afternoon job then!! No-one there to look - pity, hope it gets sorted for you all soon. 


Thank you, at least its not just me!

I will have to put up with the blue T-shirt but the hair could be a bit longer 


I sympathise as I want to have a go at putting some photos on but I don't get the 'tree' icon when I post. I wonder if its because I'm using an ipad rather than a poot poot (my terminology is a reflection of my IT skills)!

Tootles, I think there are some differences in what you can do on this site if you're using an ipad - but welcome anyway, and the same to you Ansellia - look forward to finding out more about you and your gardens 


I've just joined the site, and have the same problem loading an avatar. I get the message "1 file uploaded" but it doesn't do anything with it.

same here, hope my apple grafts are more successful...

Im having the same issue, it's annoying when a website cant get something right especially when im personally paying for it (im assuming my TV licence covers it?)


Hi Tim, This site shares the name with the TV program but is not run (or paid for) by the BBC, but by Immediate Media Co (see bottom of the page.)

Gardening Grandma

Welcome Ansellia

I uploaded some photos. they were from my computer. I always reduce the size by 50% before I upload, because it seems that the system cannot deal with larger photos. When they arrived on the thread, they had been cropped again, but at least they were there.


Hello all, Its quite chilly today - Im trying to convince myself to go outside and tackle a patch of Ground Elder. The sun keeps trying to shine so hope it warms things up a little.

I have had a lovely email from Naomi Jones the sub-editor regarding the uploading avatar problem. It seems there is an issue and the tech team have been made aware. Even she was unable to upload the photo for me.Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Tim Hoggarth wrote (see)

Im having the same issue, it's annoying when a website cant get something right especially when im personally paying for it (im assuming my TV licence covers it?)

Yes your tv licence pays for it-the rest of us are very grateful-thanks very much

Noticed the advertising at all??-just asking

Ah ok, that's kind of alright then haha...well anyways I tried to email the people who run the site but the email doesnt seem to work, it just keeps bouncing back...


I can't upload any avatar either. I don't even get the "1 file" thing. I ckick browse, get my avatar and then hot open. It takes me back to the screen with browse, save and facebook but nothing has changed. Clicked save anyway and my avatar is still this creepy faceless thing you see to my left.


There have been some glitches on the site which the techies are ploughing through and sorting out - I'm sure it'll all get sorted eventually.

Oh, and Tim's TV licence fee doesn't fund this site and nor does anyone else's - the Gardeners World magazine is run by a commercial company who pay a fee to the BBC for being able to link to the  Gardeners World programme, so without the magazine there's a likelihood that the Licence Fee would have to go up!!!

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