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I'd like to be able to go straight to my recent posts, rather than have to go in via my Public Profile - is that possible?


Id like the edit button to work and to be able to look at my list of previous posts I cant get past page 1. Im really enjoying the site. Gardening is very important in my life. Im a busy working mum with two grown up boys who still live at home so to be able to escape into the garden or sign into gardeners world (now Ive discovered forums) and chat to lke minded people its great.


The site is fairly easy to use, at least with firefox browser. Just a few things that could be improved:

1. in the project section, it would be neat to know before following a link whether there is a video or a simple text page at the other end. Reason being of the capped monthly allowance of broadband providers (I almost went over it when surfing through the projects' pages for sth I needed, and for which a simple text page would have been enough)

2. About the forum: it looks like a jungle because it is not obvious at first that it may be worth looking through previous threads using the "Search" facility on top, instead of launching a new thread which will overlap with others. It may be useful to have a brief intro to the forum making this explicit to all users, and suggest also that concise headers are handier than "expanded-explanatory-narrative" ones.

Thanks for asking and responding to users' feedback!


I think this site is the best thin since sliced bread its so imformative and easy to navigate i have learned alot about gardening since joining back in febuary as a novice gardener my self just sticking to grass and owt that grows but now i have expanded my garden to grow many things thanks to this site

Thank you G.W.

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