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Hello in not getting any email notifications from my threads? when i first joined it was fine , but until my last 3? Threads i don't get any, thank u ,,there's a button below this box for me to tick email notifications,,and its ticked???

There are some gremlins in the system Matthew - the tech team  are doing their best but at the moment the email notifications are erratic to say the least.  

I just keep checking mine 

I haven't had any notifications either for a while now so I go to my home page and click on my post tags etc  .you can usually get to them this way.

May be Mathew it'd because there's so many of us on the forum and " those that be  " can't keep up with us all   .

I don't get email notifications  not had them most of the year, I check my followed threads to the right hand corner on same line a latest posts 



Hmmmm! I've just posted this very issue in the "Talk back" forum. Because apart from the notifier gremlin, there's also one in the "change settings" which er! don't update any changes one makes?

Ah - I thought it was strange as when I check my 'posts' comments are there but no email notification. I would love to answer threads sooner and I do look at my emails every day after I have finished in the office just to unwind. Please contact me!!!!


I haven't had any notifications for several months. Has always been a bit on and off.

star gaze lily

I get notification emails for some threads and not others 

Been like it for a couple of months now.

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