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what a great suggestion to encourage the public to go out there and pick primroses.  you really do need to keep that man on a leash.


Not knowing what you are talking about but is this something from tonights Gardeners World TV programme?? 

If so your comments are misplaced-this is the magazine-same name -different beast

Complain direct to the BBC

flowering rose

its against the law to pick wild flowers namely primroses and bluebells and many more ,if caught you are prosecuted.don't do it,the wild flowers have rough time trying to survive with out idiots picking them .


I suspect you did not watch the programme flowering rose-the primroses were in his own garden not in the wild and he just recounted a story of what he did when young- there was no mention anbout picking them from the wild.

I think people should count to 10- or more perhaps before commentating

So Robert got anymore to say?



With respect, it is not illegal for a private individual to pick many types of wild flowers for their own enjoyment - it is illegal to uproot them and it is illegal to pick them for sale.  Children can still pick a bunch of primroses for Mothering Sunday.

Some endangered species are specifically protected by law and may not be picked or uprooted.

It is illegal to pick flowers on Natiional Trust property, Nature reserves, SSSI and some other land - details here



Hi Dovefromabove, thank you for the link highlighting the laws pertaining to picking wild flowers. It seems that it is "lets pick on MD......" at the moment and makes me feel sad. And yes, he was talking about picking primroses as a boy! It's pretty obvious that it was a long time ago. So Robert, we are ALL down in the dumps at the moment, but surely picking on others is not going to make it better; is it? 

Pennine Petal
The piece brought back happy memories for me of picking primroses as a child with my dad. We picked bluebells in the woods too. Wouldn't dream of it now of course, but just a reminder of times gone by.

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